In the NuGen Universe everything is connected.

NuGen Universe provides stewardship for the NuGen Community, an online portfolio of all NuGen Universe owned companies and projects. The NuGen Universe organically developed from a single crypto currency to an ecosystem with a circular business model. Each company or project brings value to the whole as they generate new business for each other as well as providing products and services of benefit.

NuGen Community

The NuGen Community members advocate sustainable living. They are brand loyal and actively promote the companies and products that are in alignment with these values. They also receive the standard benefits that using a cryptocurrency provides, such as being able to conduct international business with lower fees, shorter processing times with less occurrences of fraud than traditional fiat currency.

Our community members contribute to our clean commerce commitment simply by changing their preferred currency to any token in the NuGen Coin Collection for everyday transactions.

Our Vision

We dream of members/customers who excel in every facet of their financial lives through the process of Tokenization. Our commitment for excellent service, innovative ideas along with technology driven approaches will enable us to expand throughout the world.

Our Mission

To promote and inspire the universe we serve to achieve financial growth and stability. With a passion for superiority and excellence, we endeavor to surpass what is expected by our customers.

We believe every person has the right to financial equality.

We bring value to both sides of the coin, the tangible and the digital, through our business ventures, strategic partnerships, social integrity, and sustainable practices. We back our digital assets with our tangible real-world assets and vice versa. We take great pride in being a new and different kind of stable coin.

We believe every person has the right to clean air, clean water, and clean energy.

We can truly make a difference in the quality of life globally, so we do. We look at problems as an opportunity. As citizens of this planet, we share the responsibility of undoing what we have done and are still doing to planet earth. The unfortunate consequences of economic development and industry are more than the people and planet can bear.

We are all here, in the right place at the right time, let’s do the right things for the right reasons.

We believe every person should have the ability to make a digital transaction and participate in a contactless transaction society.

We help the unbanked and underbanked by bridging the gaps in financial inequality through our mobile wallet and crypto cards. A large percentage of the unbanked population of the globe suffer from financial circumstances that are beyond their control as this occurs most frequently in areas suffering from economic disaster and poverty.

From a global perspective, those who need help the most suffer from the inability to function in a cashless society. Most do not have bank accounts or access to banks, and many do not have internet, computers, or electricity. Yet, many of these people have a cell phone, allowing the installation of the NuGen wallet, which will allow many such people to make an easy transition from cash to plastic, where they can not only survive, but begin to thrive as the world moves toward a cashless society.

We believe global climate benchmarks of 2035 and the goals of global clean energy by 2050 are achievable if we all work together.

We are changing the world as we know it through our real-world clean air technology that prevents carbon from entering the environment as well as technology that removes existing airborne particulates from it. We utilize clean energy in the real world to power our cryptocurrencies in the digital world.

We believe we can change the world.

We believe sustainability is possible.

We are committed to champion the effort it takes to do it.